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Who can apply?

The Silver Family Foundation provides funding to non-profit organizations for programs and projects that align with our mission and fall within our funding guidelines.  We do not accept capital funding requests and do not provide grants to individuals.  The Foundation does not accept unsolicited grant requests.  Multi-year grants will be considered.  If your organization would like to be considered for funding, please see our Foundation Guidelines for more detail about our process and deadlines.

The Silver Family Foundation provides financial support to non-profits that focus on Transformative Youth Development.  The foundation supports organizations in Oregon, Washington and Idaho.

Transformative Youth Development Grant Program:

The Silver Family Foundation focuses on transformative youth development programs. We prioritize programs that provide in-depth, long-term investments and opportunities for underserved youth, ages 5-18. 

 We look for non-profit organizations that have clear goals and measurable outcomes. Specific areas of interest are programs that focus on:

  • Mentoring school-age youth.

  • Providing academic intervention and support to help students achieve benchmark reading.

  • Inspiring, supporting, and teaching students to excel in school and beyond.

  • Supporting each child's academic needs, along with their social and emotional health.

  • Preparing students for college and career through college preparatory programs, and college retention efforts.

Examples of programs we fund can be found on our

grantee page.

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