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Annual reports must be completed each year.  

Report due dates are as follows:

  • Spring award report are due May 1st of each year.

  • Fall award reports are due November 1st of each year.


Grantees must submit annual report online via our grant portal


Please note:  If you were awarded a grant prior to Spring of 2022, you will not be able to submit your grant through the portal.  Please email your report to:


 Reports must answer the following questions:  

  1. What specific outcomes and/or accomplishments have you made against the your stated program objectives in the past year? How did you measure these outcomes?

  2. What key learnings have you encountered in the past year? Your response should focus on what has worked well in the program and what have been the most significant barriers or surprises that affected the program.

  3. Have there been any significant changes to your program’s design in the past year? If yes, why were these changes made?

  4. The Foundation has found that having personal stories of our grantees’ experiences enables us to put a face on our grantmaking through real life examples of your successes, failures and challenges. Please give a specific example of an incident in your program or with a client that best exemplifies your program and mission in action.

  5. In what ways did funding from the Foundation impact the capacity of your organization?

  6. Please share any additional information or thoughts that you would like us to know about your program, client population, organizational concerns, community challenges, etc.  Please also feel free to upload photos or any supporting documents.

If you have questions regarding annual report requirements please email:

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